Welcome Home!

Here at Paul Smith’s College, we understand that your residence hall  becomes a home away from home. Our Residence Life and Housing staff is proud to work with our on-campus students in an environment that is enriching, fulfilling, comfortable, and safe. Scroll below to find photos of the residence halls and learn more about them. More information will be available soon, so please check back with us! 


First Year & Transfer Housing Options

Lydia Martin Smith (LMS) Hall

Lydia Martin Smith (LMS) Hall is a first-year only building and recently underwent renovations. This building is a traditional-style build where two roommates live in a large room together and share a bathroom by gender with their wing. LMS boasts a two-story lounge that is great for relaxing with friends or studying. Click on the slideshow to see more of the building!

Currier Hall

Currier Hall is a first-year only building and is a “traditional” corridor-style building. It is slated for renovation in the summer of 2019! The photos shown are pre-renovation. Rooms are shared by two people and are very spacious. Each wing has shared bathrooms by gender which have individual stall showers and toilets. Currier is located by the Alumni Basin, a large outdoor space great for relaxing in warm weather and sledding in winter. It is also located centrally on campus and is near the gym, Campus Safety, the Library, and more. Click on the slideshow to see more of this building!

Franklin Hall (Transfers)

Franklin Hall is a building specifically for transfer students. This building is a “twin” to its neighbor, Essex. Like Essex, Franklin boasts a prime location just a short walk away from the Library and Student Center/Dining hall. It is also steps away from the lake! Residents in this hall enjoy a close community of fellow transfers who understand the transition to a new school and may have similar needs. Those in Franklin are able to enjoy its spacious rooms and share a bathroom with only their roommate. Click the slideshow to see more of this building!

Upperclassmen Housing Options

Essex Hall

Essex Hall is an upperclassmen building located in the heart of campus and is very close to not only the Library but the Student Center/Dining Hall. This building boasts a small community feel with great lake views and a two floor lounge area. Residents enjoy the covered entrance area and are known for relaxing under it until it is frigid cold! This building has traditional two-person rooms where residents share a bathroom with only their roommate. Click the slideshow to see more of this building!

Hillside Hall

Hillside Hall is known for its cabin-meets-lakeside-villa appearance and proximity to classrooms. Rooms inside of Hillside are spacious and two rooms share a bathroom in a “Jack and Jill” style. Residents are frequently found sitting in the comfortable window seats that overlook the porch or in one of two lounges. Hillside is directly across from three major academic buildings, which ensures a quick walk to class. Click the slideshow to see more of this building!

Lambert Hall (Osgood Living Learning Community)

Lambert Hall is a living-learning community for upperclassmen and is located in the center of campus. Lambert is reserved for upperclass students in the Osgood Pond Program. For more information on that program, click HERE. Those in this program and hall have similar interests in rustic outdoor skills, homestead skills, and much more. Lambert Hall is beautifully appointed with very large rooms and private baths shared by two people. Most rooms have a (non-functioning) fireplace and mantle along with lovely windows and views. Lambert residents are known for stringing hammocks across their porch banisters and enjoying the breeze. Click the slideshow to see more of this building!

Overlook Hall

Overlook Hall is the campus’ newest building and is for upperclassmen. Overlook was built to look over the entirety of campus on one side, and on the other is built into beautiful wooden and pasture space. This hall is air-conditioned and suite-style where each suite houses four students. Each suite has a kitchen, dining space, living room, and private bedrooms. Two people share a private bath. Overlook is uniquely appointed with a laundry room per wing. Parking at this residence hall is abundant. Click the slideshow to see more of this building!

Saratoga Hall

Saratoga Hall is an upperclassmen building with traditional corridor-style rooms and bathrooms. The building hosts mostly two-person rooms but also has a number of triple rooms, all of which are very large. Saratoga’s bathrooms are divided by gender and shared by the wing. Multiple gender inclusive bathrooms are present in Saratoga. Residents in “Toga” have ample parking, a spacious yard, and have a kitchen that was recently given new appliances. Saratoga has classrooms in its lowest floor, which can make walking to class a breeze. Check back soon for slideshow images of Saratoga!

Upper & Lower St. Regis Halls

Upper and Lower St. Regis Halls are upperclassmen buildings that were recently constructed. These two buildings are separate but “twins” of each other. They are suite-style and feature a shared kitchen, dining room, and living room space for four. The bedrooms are single rooms with two people sharing private baths in the suite. These buildings boast comfortable central air and heat and large common area lounges. Residents of these halls enjoy a sense of community while also enjoying a more independent living option. Click the slideshow to see more of these buildings!