Paul Smith’s College Natural Sciences Department works with a variety of partners both across the North Country and across the globe. We are proud to offer our students hands-on experiences with professionals in a variety of fields through our partnerships.



Adirondack Watershed Institute

AWI’s Mission is to protect clean water, conserve habitat and support the health and well-being of people in the Adirondacks through scientific inquiry, stewardship and real world experiences for students.

Operation Wallacea

Operation Wallacea is a network of academics from European and North American universities, who design and implement biodiversity and conservation management research expeditions.


The Paul Smith’s College VIC’s mission is to connect outdoor recreation, experiential education, and the arts, naturally.

The Wild Center

The Wild Center’s Mission is to ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks where people and nature can thrive together and offer an example for the world.

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Become a Smitty in the Natural Sciences and you will join a cohort of students who share the privilege of learning inside the six-million-acre Adirondack Park – and when you live here, you become an Adirondacker. Our unique campus provides incredible field research opportunities to our students.