Textbook Services

Why buy textbooks from Paul Smith’s College?

  • No sales tax on textbooks bought on campus by enrolled students.
  • Our knowledgeable staff has worked with faculty members to purchase textbooks and materials for your classes.
  • Student-friendly return policies in case you drop a class or change your schedule, with no need to pay for shipping charges on returned books.
  • Use Bobcat Bucks, scholarship funds, financial aid, or ACCES-VR payments.
  • Purchase used texts at 25% off. Rental textbooks are also available.
  • Sell your used texts back at the end of the fall and spring semester.
  • Invest in your campus: The Packbasket is owned and operated by Paul Smith’s College.

Textbook return & buyback policies

Textbook Return

  • Textbooks may be returned if you drop a course or withdraw from school. A drop slip or withdraw form is required for returns.¬†Textbooks may be exchanged if you purchase the incorrect book.
  • All refunds and exchanges must have a sales receipt dated for the current term.
  • All new merchandise returned must be in good condition, unmarked, free of damage and soil, in original packing, and seal must be intact.
  • Defective new books will be replaced at once with a receipt. Workbooks, lab manuals, or study guides with markings or missing pages are not returnable.
  • Please keep receipts for all purchases to facilitate returns and exchanges.
  • Textbook returns are allowed for the first week of the fall and spring semester. The last day to return books will be posted at the bookstore.

Textbook Buyback

  • This bookstore-sponsored event occurs at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Some books are bought for use again at Paul Smith’s College and other books are bought for a used books wholesaler.
  • Textbooks can be sold if they have a current market value and no receipt is required at textbook buyback.
  • A photo ID is required to sell your books. You will receive cash at the counter. Specific dates and times for each buyback are posted at the bookstore and will be emailed to students.

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