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Now you can receive college credit for participating in the Green Apprenticeship at Kibbutz Lotan. Through a partnership with Paul Smith’s College, an accredited private college in upstate New York, Green Apprenticeship participants may receive 3 semester credits for successfully completing the program.


Apprentice Training in this open-entry, open-exit format is designed as a specific form of experiential learning where students receive hands-on experience and career development skills while also providing a needed service or labor to a sustainability oriented enterprise, college campus, NGO, community group, local initiative, entrepreneur, small business, regional partnership, or other form of an organized “learning through serving” contractual arrangement. It directly relates to the college’s mission of:

…providing students with the opportunity to become empowered leaders, successful professionals, engaged cultural, environmental and global citizens, respectful collaborators, and active learners capable of determining and taking responsibility for their own future.

The apprenticeship is designed to provide students with both conceptual understanding and practical skills that they can transfer back to their own communities and field of practice.


Does the course require academic assignments in addition to my experiential learning at the Green Apprenticeship site?
Yes. While the vast majority of the classroom and hands-on learning takes place during the Green Apprenticeship, there will be a pre and post excursion assignment. These two assignments are designed to book-end your experience to deepen the experience and capture the outcomes. The assignments will be assigned and taken through the online dimension of the course made available through Paul Smith’s College.

Can I transfer the credit to my college or university?
In most every case the answer is yes. As a fully accredited college, Paul Smith’s College credits are widely recognized and accepted. Be sure to verify this with your university or college prior to enrolling. Be sure to meet with your advisor ensure that the credits fit into your program’s curriculum. Students typically transfer the credits as practicum, internship, field-based studies, to meet an elective requirement or as a substitute for a similar course. There are many ways to apply the credits, and it is up to the student to take the initiative to meet with an advisor and explain the value of the course, their academic interests and how it fits within curriculum.

How do I transfer the credit?
The Registrar’s Office at Paul Smith’s College will assist you with the transcript necessary for transferring the credit.


Students must register for and be accepted by the Green Apprenticeship program prior to registering for this course. Click here to to learn more and register, and here to make your payment online.

  • 3 credits
  • $960 ($320/credit hour)
  • Multiple course date opportunities
  • 4 weeks on an eco-campus in the Kibbutz Lotan desert oasis, including:
    • 3 meals/day
    • Hand-crafted dome living
    • Beds, AC, linens, towels, etc.


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