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Nepal 2018
Course Description:
Environmental issues have both local and global manifestations and interconnections. Exposure to a variety of cultural and ecological settings provides essential breadth and depth necessary for informed response to environmental challenges. This course consists of a two-week long trip to Nepal where students will have an opportunity to directly experience and examine environmental questions that are significantly different from the USA.
Through the use of multimedia, experiences, readings, research and fieldwork in Nepal, students will obtain a global view of environmental issues impacting Nepal today.

On the Trip:
Paul Smith College students will interact and work side by side with Nepali National College students. They will assist each other in areas of research and problem solving. In Nepal, the students will visit religious sites and partake in a 5-7 day trek in the Annapurna Sanctuary Region.

The Bigger Picture:
Ensure every student has a meaningful exposure to diversity, ideally through travel or programmatic engagement.

Fundraiser Dinner

Monday, March 5
5 – 6:30 p.m.


Nepal Dinner
Please include meat or vegetarian preferences, including all guests

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