Integrative Studies

Customize your education to explore a variety of interests and achieve a degree that reflects the knowledge and skill sets that are right for you.

In this interdisciplinary track, you will work closely with your faculty advisor to combine courses from more than 20 majors, creating an associate- or bachelor’s-degree program that meets your individualized career goals.

  • Develop a flexible, creative set of skills to enable your success in the ever-changing workforce
  • Study a variety of coursework to discover your potential talents and strengths
  • Craft an educational program that surpasses the limitations of focusing on a single major
  • Complete your degree on time, with no separate proposal or extra hours required
Key Facts
  • A.A.S., B.A., and B.S. degrees
Career Options

What can you do with an Integrative Studies degree? Some sample combinations and career outcomes include:

  • Natural Resource Management and Policy + Natural Resource Sustainability + Biology + GIS minor = environmental analyst
  • Natural Resources Management and Policy + Entrepreneurial Business Studies = owner, environmental remediation business
  • Culinary Arts and Service Management + Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management + Entrepreneurial Business Studies = banquet manager
  • Natural Resources Sustainability Studies + Entrepreneurial Business Studies = sustainability advisor
Courses & Objectives

At the end of the program students will be able to:

  • Coherently integrate diverse elements from multiple domains of knowledge and practice to create a thesis, product, performance, or other kind of artifact within an appropriate context.
  • Communicate organized and informed ideas clearly and persuasively to diverse audiences in writing.
  • Apply quantitative and mathematical methods and models to develop potential solutions to real-world problems and financial decision making.
  • Generate meaning by using appropriate research methodologies to collect, analyze, evaluate and synthesize data.
  • Collaborate, interact and empathize with individuals and groups who represent diverse cultures, and contemporary and historic perspectives.
  • Creatively express an informed point of view regarding human experience, cultures, values, and choices in a manner appropriate to audience and context.

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