Pre-registration begins the last week of October during Fall semesters and the last week of March during Spring semesters. Course schedules are available in Self-Service. Please follow the pre-registration timeline below:

  • Seniors (90 or more earned credits) – First Monday of pre-registration period.
  • Juniors (60-89 earned credits) – First Wednesday of pre-registration period during Spring semester, or first Thursday of pre-registration period during Fall semester.
  • Sophomores (30-59 earned credits) – Second Monday of pre-registration period.
  • Freshmen (less than 30 earned credits) – Third Monday of pre-registration period.

Class standing is determined by CREDITS EARNED. Courses you are currently taking DO NOT count toward your class standing. Your Total Earned Credits can be found on your Unofficial Transcript on Self-Service.

Your advisor must authorize you to register before you can select classes.

Tips & Tutorials:

Please see your advisor if you have any questions about pre-registration or your classes. As always, please feel free to contact the Registrar’s office as well.


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These program planning sheets are only for students who will begin a program in the next, upcoming academic term.  If you started a program in a prior academic term, use the program plan sheet for the year you entered the program.  For current students, to receive a copy of your program plan sheet, visit the Registrar's Office, Phelps Admin Building, Room 113.