Michael “Mik” Mikulan, Class of ’66, Commander, US Army/USPHS (Ret.)

My story:

Guys from the classes in the late 50’s early 60’s had great faculty that were WWII and Korea veterans. They imparted a serious work ethic and positive example to us all. Veterans cared about ALL of their students. Paul Smith’s College grew out of the post-WWII and Korean War aftermath thanks to the GI Bill.

Please thank a veteran, student or faculty, on campus for their service and sacrifice.

Mik Mikulan, AAS PRE PRO ’66 Forestry, RN, BSN, Commander (Retired) US Army/US Public Health Service Nurse Officer, Vietnam Helicopter Pilot 1969

Thomas Hynds, Class of ’71, United States Navy

Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be difficult. The transition from military life to college life can be even more challenging. People who have served have experiences that are unique to their time in the military. I needed a “re-entry” mode to help me get positioned for my life as a civilian and a student.

When I was separated from active duty in 1969, I knew I wanted to go to college and the GI Bill allowed me to go to school without financial hardship. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I needed to attend a school that cared for it’s students and helped them through their studies. I had fished and hunted, camped and hiked growing up so I knew the solitude of the outdoors was a place I could feel at ease and start my new life. As soon as I saw PSC I knew I found my home.

I started my first semester in the summer of 1969. I soon learned that not only the school was where I needed to be, I discovered how the professors all cared about each student and helped us much more than my civilian friends at large universities and colleges were helped. At that time there was a Veterans Club on campus which was very active and allowed us to interact with fellow vets and help them (or they help us) in our studies and navigation into being a civilian.

I graduated from PSC in the summer of 1971, and while I never continued my studies in Forestry, the two years I spent at PSC were the building blocks for my educational career and my subsequent 41 years in the pharmaceutical research industry. PSC gave me the start and I did the rest. I will always love my time at PSC, contribute to the school, encourage other students to attend PSC and return as often as I can. It was, and still is, just what I needed at the time


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