Returning from Spring Break / Important Information Request

To: Paul Smith’s College students, employees, faculty, staff
Delivered: March 10, 2020, at 6:51 p.m.

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Paul Smith’s College is committed to providing our community with clear guidance regarding the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. While there are no known cases of COVID-19 in our region and the risk of infection for most individuals remains low, it is important that our students, faculty, and staff are prepared for this fast-changing situation. As always, health and safety are our highest priorities.

As you prepare to return from spring break we ask for immediate information from you in order to keep the campus as safe as possible. Please read carefully and respond to this email prior to returning. Any questions or concerns may also be sent via reply to this email address.

Before you return from spring break, please respond with details if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You are experiencing symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19. If that is the case DO NOT RETURN. Please respond to this email with details of your condition. We will ask that you remain off campus until the risk of secondary transmission has passed.
  • You traveled internationally (anywhere) within the last two weeks. Please respond to this email and let us know where you were and the dates of your travel.
  • You have reason to believe through your domestic travels that you might have been exposed to the virus (even if you are asymptomatic). Please respond to this email and let us know where you were and what you think your exposure might have been.

For those already back on campus, if you are experiencing symptoms or suspect that you might have been exposed to the virus, stay in your residence hall/apartment and immediately email or call Health Services at (518) 327-6349. For the safety of your fellow students, faculty, and staff, do NOT visit Student Health Services before contacting them.

We continue to monitor the situation daily and share further information as the situation changes. A resource center will be published on the college website shortly; please check it frequently. It is important we work together to protect everyone’s health and minimize the spread of this virus. Thank you for your assistance.

Key Contacts

Student Health Services
Abigail Fontaine, RN, BSN, Director
(518) 327-6349

Housing & Residence Life
Lou Kaminski, Director
(518) 327-6488

Campus Safety
Holly Parker, Director
(518) 327-6300

Emergency Management
Teresa Gay, Compliance Coordinator
(518) 327-6451