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When asked what I have learned since beginning my work in the alumni office, without hesitation, the first thing that comes to mind is teamwork.  During the Summer of 2012, I witnessed the most amazing display of teamwork when current students, faculty, staff and alumni council members came together with a common goal:  fixing the Alumni Campground.

Though the campground is always pretty active with guests, not much on the side of maintenance had been happening.  This group of dedicated folks put their heads together and did what needed to be done.  Dangerous trees were removed, the road repaired, a new gate and a few new grills installed.  Repairs to the roofs and outhouses are next on the to-do list.  The maintenance work will continue but only with your donations – of supplies, time and, of course, money.

(Wait…you didn’t know about the Alumni Campground?  If a rustic camping experience is what you crave, this may be your dream come true.  There’s no running water or electricity at the campground, just off Keese Mills Road.  Seven lean-tos as well as a couple of tent sites offer glimpses of Lower St. Regis Lake and the surrounding mountains.  Alumni can host as many as five guests for up to one full week.  Reserve a lean-to for $10 per night or a tent site for $5 per night.)

So, get you sleeping bag and fishing gear.  Load your canoe on your car.  It’s time to get off the grid and reconnect with Paul Smith’s.  Campground reservations are always required. Reserve Online, by email: or by telephone (518) 327-6253.
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Heather Tuttle ’99
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