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The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is a collaboration between the New York State Department of Education and Paul Smith’s College. Our program provides a means for traditionally underserved, low-income students to obtain admission as well as academic and financial support.

Since 1986 we have played an important part in Paul Smith’s commitment to a diverse student body. HEOP addresses the reality that many students desire to attend college yet might not be able to attend because of limited economic and educational resources. We accept students from a variety of backgrounds regardless of race, creed, class, gender, sexual preference, or religion.

As an accepted student into HEOP at Paul Smith’s, you are required to complete a four-week summer program prior to your freshman year. During this time, you will be exposed to courses and activities that will ease your transition into life as a college student.

All accepted students are required to attend weekly advising meetings to help navigate any problems that may interfere with academic work. This may include academic, financial, personal, social and/or career counseling.

In addition to academic support, students receive a generous financial aid package combining state, federal, and Paul Smith’s College grants and loans.