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The Office of Student Accounts provides students with comprehensive information about both their personal student accounts and financial aid. Students with questions or concerns about their financial standing with the college or financial aid awards and opportunities should visit the offices on the first floor of the Phelps Smith Administration Building.

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Bobcat Bucks Waiver
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2019-2020 Tuition & Fees

Direct Expenses (fall and spring only) per academic year

Tuition $29,280
Rooms – Tier 1: Currier, Livermore, LMS, Saratoga, Lakeside, Clinton $6,840
Rooms – Tier 2: Hillside, Alumni Essex, Franklin, Lambert, Blum $8,500
Suites/Room – Tier 3: Upper & Lower St. Regis, Overlook $10,520
Board (Tiers 1 and 2) $5,780
Board (Tier 3) $5,240
Sustainability Fund Fee (Fall only) $33
Overload Charge >18 $580 per credit hour
Health Insurance Charge (if needed through the college – proof of insurance waives this amount) $1,851



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Student Accounts

Phelps Smith Administration Building
Room 102

Hours: M-F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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