The PSC Financial Aid Office strives to make the cost of your education as transparent and easy to understand as possible. Cost of Attendance is a federally defined term that includes costs billed directly by Paul Smith’s College (ex: tuition, fees, on-campus housing) and indirect costs students should expect to have while enrolled in classes (ex: transportation to and from campus). Cost of Attendance varies by academic program, undergraduate or graduate status, and whether a student lives on-campus or off-campus.

To see your detailed and individualized cost of attendance, please log into your financial aid portal, or use our Net Price Calculator.

Students with costs related to a disability, eligible study-abroad programs, educationally-related research projects, or dependent care expenses, should contact the Office of Financial Aid to have these expenses added to their Cost of Attendance.

The typical Paul Smith’s College student lives on campus in one of our 16 residence halls, eats most meals at the dining hall, and enrolls in hands-on classes and labs that require special equipment like professional chef’s knives or chainsaws. Tuition covers the academic cost of Paul Smith College; although an occasional PSC course charges additional fees.

The following cost of attendance reflects estimated costs before financial aid is applied. If you’re a current students, log into your financial aid portal to see your individualized cost of attendance. If you’re a brand new undergraduate student, use our Net Price Calculator for more detailed information on costs and financial aid.

2022/2023 Cost of Attendance (Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Semesters)

Tuition and Fees
$32,048        Undergraduate (Full-Time, 12-18 credits/semester)
$13,356        Graduate (Full-Time, 9 credits/semester)
$    300         Graduate Program Fee (First-Semester Students)

Food and Housing
$13,822       On-Campus Tier 1
$15,635       On-Campus Tier 2
$17,262       On-Campus Tier 3
$15,635       Off-Campus

Books, Supplies, Travel, Personal/Miscellaneous
$1,000         Undergraduate Books & Supplies
$   600         Graduate Books & Supplies
$   500         Transportation
$2,000         Personal/Miscellaneous

Additional Expenses
Health Insurance: Students not already covered by health insurance that meets PSC’s health insurance requirements are required to purchase the PSC Student Health Plan.


2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

Direct Expenses (fall and spring only) per academic year

Tuition (undergraduate) $32,012
Housing – Tier 1: Currier, Livermore, LMS, Saratoga, Lakeside, Clinton $7,498
Housing – Tier 2: Hillside, Alumni Essex, Franklin, Lambert, Blum $9,311
Housing in Suites – Tier 3: Upper & Lower St. Regis, Overlook $11,515
Meal Plan for Tier 1 and 2 Housing Options $6,324
Meal Plan for Tier 3 Housing Option $5,747
Sustainability Fund Fee (Fall only) $36
Overload Charge for undergraduates enrolled in more than 18 credits per semester $639 per credit hour
Part time $1,018 per credit hour
Tuition (graduate) $742 per credit
Health Insurance Charge (if needed through the college – proof of insurance waives this amount) to be determined in the spring


Review Award Offer

The Financial Aid Portal is currently unavailable. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you need assistance. 

Federal Emergency Grants

Info for NY Residents

New York State Residents: “TAP” into Additional Aid"

If you’re a resident of New York state and are or will be an undergraduate student, you MAY be eligible for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards. After filing your FAFSA, you will be able to link directly to the TAP application from the FAFSA confirmation page. You must include Paul Smith’s school codes or you will not be eligible for TAP. TAP codes 2140 (2 year program) and 6140 (4 year program). To remain eligible for state and/or federal financial aid, you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

The “Enhanced TAP” program created by New York state in 2017 is not currently available through Paul Smith’s College. We are strongly committed to college affordability and continuously seek favorable funding opportunities for our students and their families. Enhanced TAP in its current form has a number of restrictions that place a significant burden on the students and colleges that participate. We are monitoring the effectiveness of this program in its first year and may participate in the future once more information is known. Please contact our financial aid office if you have questions or would like to discuss the details and your individual financial aid award.

Yellow Ribbon Program

We are a proud participant in the VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program. As such, tuition and fees are completely covered for veterans and their designated transferees who are eligible at the 100% level.

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