‘A fine way to live’

Books go here. Clothes go here. Dishes go here. No, here. Ok, that looks a bit better. Make bed. Close tent (bug shelter). Sleep…

Wake up. Grab stove. Light fire. Boil water. Yawn.

I’ve finally started to settle into the yurt, permission was granted to move in and now it’s time to live in one spot. An integral part of my morning routine for the past three years has been making my coffee in the morning, once that begins I know I’m in a good place. The first few weeks of the semester were a little hectic for us yurters, but now all has fallen into place. Dom has his morning coffee.

All is still and quiet on the shores of Osgood Pond while I scoop grinds into the bottom of my French press. My roommates aren’t awake yet and the little kitchen area we built near the lakefront, in a tranquil stand of pines, is all mine. I pour my kettle into the press as steam curls up in plumes and the grounds bloom atop the hot liquid. Breathe in deep again. The bitter smells of coffee mix with the evergreen essence in the air and I smile.

This is a fine way to live.