Fire on the mountains

‘Peak week’ is upon us in the Adirondacks. From roadside photo stops to a cool, sunny hike up St. Regis, check out a few of our favorite shots from the past few days in and around Paul Smiths.

Gallery: Homesteading & Fungi festivals

The homesteading and fungi spirit took over the VIC this weekend as hundreds from near and far explored all the ways life can be a little simpler. From fire building to draft horse plowing, good food to music, the area had a life of its own throughout the day.

First week of autumn

Fall in the Adirondacks often feels to have begun long before its calendar arrival. But this year, summer weather carried well into September, and the cooling days and nights last week coincided well with the Wednesday equinox and the official turning of the season.

While foliage may lack some of the late-September color of years past, a reddening of the hardwoods is now taking place. With a strong apple crop, we’ve seen our white-tailed neighbors putting on their winter weight, while the loons and passing geese have started to sing their final songs.

The first weekend of autumn ended with earth’s celestial companion doing its best impression of a maple leaf as an orange-tinted blood moon rose above the horizon and soon after underwent a total lunar eclipse.

Here are some of the sights from the first five days of fall on and around Osgood Pond.

Photo gallery: Yurt-stravaganza

After three consecutive, hard-working days, the Osgood Pond Semester crew banded together for the two final platforms and yurts — capped off with a pizza-and-cake birthday celebration for Brady Butler.

By Sunday night, we were sun-tanned (or burned), blistered and, most of all, ecstatic to have brought the yurt site to life.

Osgood…we have a yurt!

After four days of sun, sweat and downpours, a platform rose, and on it, an authentic Mongolian yurt. See how Joe Orifice, Andy and Phil Johnstone, Bethany Garretson and Alex Hall turned nine holes in the ground into an authentic Mongolian structure.