Good food, good company

Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend brought with it clear skies and warm air, continuing a stretch that felt more like mid-July than the early days of September.

After a two-week stretch that saw the raising of the final two yurts and even a High Peak climb, it seemed a perfect time to take a break from the physical work for a welcoming potluck right on Osgood Pond.

Faculty and friends made the trip out, sharing fresh cantaloupe, apples, rice and beans, and a pixie berry pie with its fruit ingredients sourced just a dozen feet away.

With supper coming to an end and dusk fast approaching, the evening turned from a relaxing dinner to something of a quicker pace: a game of capture the flag. A handful of students from campus joined in, and before long, an eight-on-eight backcountry battle carried on for well over an hour until the “campus” team, its prison crowded with all but two from the “Osgood” squad, took the final flag.

Osgood Events: Community Pot Luck

Come join us this Labor Day weekend for the Osgood Community Pot Luck. Meet the students and instructors, learn about the Osgood Pond Semester, and see the authentic Mongolian yurts that will be called ‘home’ for the coming months.

Sunday, Sept. 6, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Osgood Pond yurt site (across Rte. 86 from the VIC along the Jack Rabbit Trail).

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