International Paper John Dillon Park



What to expect

John Dillon Park is a wilderness experience like no other. Offering accessible camping, fishing, and 3.5 miles of accessible trails to explore. Half an hour south of Tupper Lake, and 10 minutes north of Long Lake. 

When you arrive you will pass by a beautiful gate with a woodland scene. Drive down the 2 mile dirt road. It’s important to go slow, watch for rocks, and take it all in. You are now truly in the forest.

Once you reach the end of the 2 mile road you will reach the Welcome Center. Whether you’re there for the day, or overnight for camping, it is important to check in at the Welcome Center. Inside you will find knowledgeable individuals who enjoy helping you on your journey and who maintain the park. 

Those who are there looking for overnight camping will have to make a reservation prior, once you make your reservation using the online system, the team will be expecting you. They are ready to help you with whatever you need. If you are not able to bring your gear to your lean-to, they will bring it to you. There are also carts available to help transport your gear. If you have a medical device that requires electricity, there are battery carts available that the staff will bring to your lean-to.

There are 9 lean-tos, each with their own distinct character, and 1 tent-site. One lean-to is accessible by car, it is the only stand alone lean-to. The rest are set up side-by-side with a shared outhouse, including our backcountry sites that are 2.5 miles away on Handsome Pond. Arranged to provide privacy, yet still big enough for a larger group to be together. Each  lean-to will sleep between four to six people comfortably. 

Each lean-to site has wheelchair accessible ramp into the lean-to, an accessible picnic table, and ADA certified accessible fire ring with a swing away grill. There is also plenty of firewood, and even kindling. Each site has an outhouse with an accessible toilet and railing to help ease transfers. We have bear proof, accessible food storage boxes, and a bear proof metal boxes for garbage that the staff will take away for you.

There is a canoe/kayak dock, where you can drop your own boat in the water. There is also a pontoon boat that the staff will happily give you a tour of Grampus Lake. Grampus Lake is 1 mile long and a boat ride usually last about 30-45 minutes. There’s also a fishing dock that you can bring your own poles and catch fish. The viewing platform overlooks the lake and offers a perfect place to see arguably the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in the Adirondacks.

If stargazing is your thing, our viewing platforms and docks provide a clear view of the stars without any light pollution whatsoever.

John Dillon will be OPEN for the season 

Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day

7 days a week 9am - 6pm

 For questions email

    Or call : 518-806-9774


To make reservations see tab above 


International Paper-John Dillon Park
2150 Tupper Road
Long Lake, NY 12847





International Paper-John Dillon Park is a fully accessible ADA compliant wilderness campground and day-use facility located within the Adirondack Park in Northern New York. We offer fully accessible trails, lean-tos and buildings along with an attentive staff to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. In the creation of this setting we have set the standard for accessible facilities by making the beauty and benefit of nature a reality for all.