In June I hosted Corey Lee at the park. This was only one stop on his 
Adirondack tour. Cory Lee has been all over the world and seen all seven continents. And he’s only 31 years old! Corey didn’t know what to expect before he came there as he likes to visit places without any preconceived notions. The regional office for sustainable tourism ( ROOST )organized 
his Adirondack visit.

He was told that he was to meet a guy named Jason who is going to take him on a boat ride. He did not know that I was in a wheelchair or anything about the park. He was pleasantly surprised.

There was a threat of rain so I brought it back to my campsite and cooked Lunch for him and his mother. I wanted to demonstrate how the accessible grill worked and show him my equipment and how John Dillon Park makes it possible for me to camp.

He was not interested in the boat ride, and January he was on a cruise to Antarctica. He was interested in the Handsome Pond Trail. After the rain let up, I took about a cruise around the park and eventually we went 1 mile down the trail. He was very excited and impressed. We shared stories about how usually the accessible trail is one little trail off to the side for “those people“. In total he spent five hours at the park, and the only reason he had to leave because he had dinner reservations.