I am one of those people that at first glance does not look like I have anything physically limiting. I am unable to carry much or walk very far, due to multiple spinal surgeries. The fact that the students working in the park, for the summer, were so kind and generous of spirit, made my visit one I will never forget. They gladly carried my water and brought me chopped wood.The fire ring made it possible for me to tend my own fire! The lean-to kept me high and dry and the planform to sleep on enabled me to be able to spend the night outdoors, and enjoy the wildlife

-Teri G

One of a kind place for individuals with limited physical abilities to enjoy nature and relax. The trails are well maintained and the staff is SUPERB.

-Jane D.

Such a fabulous place! Perfect for anyone disabled to get out in the wilderness to “rough it” camp, fish and regenerate amongst nature, wildlife and a sparkling clean lake, where free pontoon boat rides are offered. The staff is so wonderful and helpful and the camp is so clean and well run. Such a great find!

-Maga S

An amazing campground! A beautiful location, the property and grounds are very well kept, the staff is friendly and willing to help out. The accessibility of the campground is wonderful and it truly provides a wilderness experience.

-Rachel K

The perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, relax, and rejuvenate your soul. A gem of a park with caring, helpful staff.

-Mike L.

Camping there is a True Adirondack Experience. Deep in the Heart of America’s Largest Park, outside of Alaska. The Nice thing about John Dillion Park is they offer Assistance, fully staffed, and ready to share a Magnificent Place…

-Joe G.

Hands down John Dillon Park is my family’s favorite place to camp in the ‘Dacks. Truly a hidden treasure of a place.

-Tony K

Last year my husband broke his heel and now has 14 screws and 2 plates in it. Neither he or I would consider him disabled, however we have found walking uneven surfaces like a hike in the woods difficult and could be detrimental if he twisted the heel etc. Having our gear brought in, extra water brought in was extremely helpful. Love the hard gravel paths. We are 46ers and so it was nice to have a place where we can still go for a hike in the woods.

-Alice L

We started camping at JDP about 7-8 years ago. My son is a wheelchair user and we found JDP to be a haven for a truly accessible camping experience. We appreciated the help with transporting all our gear, the battery charger for the wheelchair, dock access and the boat rides.

-Sherry E

I call John Dillon park my ‘therapy ‘. Its as if I hit my reset button and am better able to function until next year. In 2011 I had a brain tumor removed, and although the surgery went well,  I cannot smell (anosmia), I have major depressive disorder and social anxiety. Also, my daughter has anxiety and adhd, and enjoys her stay very much. So it helps her too. 

-Patricia S

I love visiting John Dillon Park! In the last couple of years, I have started to avoid hiking on regular Adirondack forest paths. I’m 65 years old and in pretty good shape, but I’m terrified of twisting my ankle on some root and breaking my neck! I love well maintained paths and John Dillon Park allows me to enjoy nature while I take my walk, without having to constantly look down at dangerous obstacles.

-Rebecca R

As a parent of a kid with special needs, judgement from other people is just part of the air we breath. It was a relief to be at John Dillon Park and not have to deal with that, to be around people who seemed to have a more empathic understanding of disability. As a result we were all able to really immerse ourselves in the experience more deeply.

-Dorothy C