International Paper John Dillon Park

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of staying at John Dillon Park?

There is no charge to for an overnight stay in the park. An endowment fund is set up to provide operating expenses for the park. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help build this endowment fund contact us and we’ll give you the information on how to make a donation.

Do you supply medical assistance for your visitors?

No we do not. John Dillon Park is an accessible wilderness facility and as such, we supply you with a place to experience the great outdoors in all its glory. If you are in need of ongoing medical assistance you will have to provide that via your caregiver, friends or family. However, in an emergency, the Long Lake Rescue Squad is only 5 miles away.

I plan on using one of the sleeping platforms during my stay. Is there a mattress?

There is no mattress on the wooden sleeping platforms so you will want to bring some sort of sleeping pad. The platforms are built to be 19-20 inches off the floor, so you will want to take that into account when deciding on what kind of sleeping pad to bring.

Do I need to bring firewood if I want to have a campfire?

No you do not. Each campsite has a large wood box that is full on your arrival. If you need more just stop in the Welcome Center and let us know.

Can I swim at the park?

No. There is no swimming area at John Dillon Park. If you would like to go for a swim there is an accessible municipal beach just 4 miles away in Long Lake and another at Lake Eaton State Park, 2 miles from our entrance.

I’ve never been camping in a lean-to, what are they like?

The lean-tos are three sided shelters with large roof overhangs in the front to keep the rain out. They are open to the air so you’ll be assured of plenty of ventilation. The floors are 18 inches off the ground so you will be nice and dry even during a spring or fall shower.

How do I get my gear to my campsite?

The staff of John Dillon park are always willing to help move your gear with the use of the club car at the park. Pull carts are also available for the use of visitors to bring in gear.

How big is Grampus Lake?

255 Acres, approximately 1 mile from end to end.

Do you have electricity at the campsites?

No, but we do provide battery carts if needed to recharge wheelchairs and other medical equipment. These carts can be brought to your campsite for the night if needed.

I just want to come for the day, is that okay?

Certainly. Come and enjoy a nice walk on our trails and stay for a meal if you are so inclined. We have three picnic areas set aside for day users.

I have a heart condition and my doctor says I should walk but only on gentle slopes. How steep are the trails?

All of our over 3 miles of trails are built be be accessible to everyone. The steepest grade is 8% over a very short section of trail. Most of the trails are under a 6% grade. Contrast this to the normal accessible ramp at 10% grade and you can see how easy it can be to get around at John Dillon Park. When you check in at the Welcome Center let us know that you would like to walk on gentle slopes and one of our staff would be happy to point you in the direction that lets you take the steeper part on the downhill route.

Do you have any suggestions on what camping gear I’ll need when I come to stay overnight?

What type of gear you will need really depends on your outdoor skill level. Use our suggested list of gear to use as a starting point. View in PDF Format.


John Dillon will be OPEN for the season 

Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day

7 days a week 9am - 6pm

 For questions email

    Or call : 518-806-9774


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International Paper-John Dillon Park
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International Paper-John Dillon Park is a fully accessible ADA compliant wilderness campground and day-use facility located within the Adirondack Park in Northern New York. We offer fully accessible trails, lean-tos and buildings along with an attentive staff to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. In the creation of this setting we have set the standard for accessible facilities by making the beauty and benefit of nature a reality for all.