Allergy Injections

Students on an injection program may continue at PSC Health Services if the following requirements are met:  

    • They have never had a reaction following injection. 
    • Complete physician (allergist) orders and directions accompany the Antigens. Must include schedule and sites.  
    • PSC Health Services Clinic Provider must meet with student at least once prior to first injection of the academic year and write a patient-specific standing order   
    • Injections may only be administered while Provider is on site. 
    • Students must wait 20 minutes after each injection for observation (while Provider is still on site). 
    • Injections will be discontinued, and student is referred to allergist if any untoward reaction should occur. 
    • Health Services will have Epinephrine 1:1000 on hand to counteract adverse reactions. Dose: 0.5cc SC (Symptoms: increasing SOB, lip, tongue, or throat tingling or swelling). 

    Please send allergy injections & orders to: 

    Paul Smith’s College 

    Student Health Services 

    7777 NY-30 

    JWSC 003 

    Paul Smith’s, NY 12970 


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